nothing happens
unless first we dream
Carl Sandburg

Every KAVJ bag allows to state something about yourself, communicate values, desires and ambitions.
There are symbols that belong to the soul, KAVJ captures them and makes them wearable.


Bags made of leather, handmade in Italy. In the Teia bag we encounter 4 symbols, 4 opposites that attract each other, 4 prime archetypal principles that represent the elements that make up reality in all its manifestations.


The earth and its four elements, the four seasons and its four virtues.


The sun symbolises light and intelligence, the completion of a task, the attainment of inner perfection.


The crescent moon strengthens and nourishes, it helps to collect energy, realise projects.


Uranus is the energy of the present, sudden and intuitive choices, liberation of the past, of the useless and of the superfluous.

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